Forklift Accessories


Carriage mounted carpet poles offer a solution to roll handling applications. ITA Class II and III mountings are available. Locking Pins are used to secure poles to the carriage. Forks must be removed before poles can be installed.

Forks_extFork Extensions are used to extend the length of the fork blade when handling longer uniform loads. The extension width is to be 1” wider than that of the fork. The extension length should not exceed 1 ½ times the fork length. Box type and quick disconnect styles are available upon request.


The Man Basket is designed to lift personnel into the air on the front of a forklift. Fork channels found underneath the unit with full-length tubes measuring 7” wide x 2.75” tall allow for easy entry. Safety pins behind each fork help keep the unit locked in. A safety chain is also welded to the back of the frame to secure around the fork carriage. The base and 4” side curbs are formed from one piece of heavy gauge steel for extra strength. A hinged gate with pin safety lock is built in for added security. The unit is 40” wide x 40” deep. The side rails measure 42” tall with a 60” tall mesh back. Options such as casters, tool trays, and light bulb caddy are offered.

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